Best-in-class Expertise and Technology.

With more than 20 years in the business, MBKHire uses and creates new technologies to ensure quick and accurate results for our clients. This means we leave no stone unturned in delivering the most qualified candidates…fast.

Meet Aggressive Hiring Timelines.

  Our process is uniquely to save time and prevent errors. We meet with you to review the parameters of your project, then present a report that pinpoints what you need to accomplish your goals. It also describes the programs we recommend for implementing the project. We then employ the technologies we have developed, enabling us to work on very large hiring projects and complete them twice as fast as most recruiting firms or internal staffers.



We offer a brand new technology designed to shorten your interview process and pinpoint the candidates you want to meet face-to-face. This exciting new product allows MBKHire clients to review candidates’ responses to recorded interview questions online from any computer, anywhere! This simplifies one more step in the qualifying process, saving time and money, resulting in fewer candidates for you to interview. It also captures candidates’ communications skills as never before. Since questions, answer time and access are all controlled by the employer, you get the information you want as you want it. With EYEInterview, travel costs are greatly reduced, and information is easily e-mailed to and accessed by hiring managers and executives.

The best part? EYEInterview is integrated right into our MBKHire site. All candidates have to do is insert a job code and interview from any computer via webcam.

EYEInterview also serves as a branding tool for your company – just have one of your top executives create a video introduction to your company designed to impress qualified candidates.


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