Process Consulting and Design.
MBKHire designs and implements entire recruitment projects based upon your company’s needs and structure. We will consult on how many hiring teams need to be established, where to best position these teams for interviews, and create time frames for conducting interviews so that timelines are easily met.
Sourcing & Strategy: Multi-channel Sourcing, Strategy, Development and Execution.
  MBKHire will develop a specifically focused recruitment strategy to target only the most qualified candidates for every position. Candidates will be recruited via a number of channels including rosters, networking, database, job boards, market affiliates and many other sources. This helps us target and hire only the most qualified candidates, and opens doors to a variety of qualified people. Unlike others, we do not rely heavily on candidates who are advertising online, as in our experience they tend not to be the most desirable choices for our clients.
  No matter where you need our services, we are prepared to assign on-site recruiters and supervisors at your home office, or set up interview sites elsewhere, as required.
Diversity Recruitment.
  Diversity recruitment is integral to every project we undertake. We identify and attract top quality diversity candidates utilizing multiple channels and sources, including networking, direct recruitment, diversity job fairs, media advertising and selective internet posting.
  MBKHire offers all the administrative support your company needs to expedite completion of your project. We’ll do all the detail work for you - manage the background check process, present the offers, send offer letters, send rejection letters, collect and review applications to ensure they are properly filled out…and any other administrative work that you need done on the project.
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