We can easily say how great we are, but isn't it better to show you what we've done for clients, just like yourself?

Here's just a small sampling of some of our success stories.

“I have 6 weeks to hire 150 sales reps. How do I find top talent in such a tight time frame?”
“I don’t have the internal HR staff or recruiter budget to make 50 hires in 3 weeks.  What am I going to do?”
“We’re a European company that needs to build a parallel  marketing team in the USA, pronto. We need a US partner to expedite this smoothly and seamlessly."
“We need to build a sales force in anticipation of the FDA approval of a new drug – We want to have the sales force ready to hire once the drug is approved”
“Our HR department is small. We can’t act quickly. We don’t have access to top candidates. Recruiting firms are expensive. How do we hire the best without a big, powerful HR department?”
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