Company Branding.
  Competition for the most qualified candidates can be fierce. Experience has taught us that branding and perception often are the deciding factors in either selecting a new position in a new company or staying put. At MBKHIre, we distinguish ourselves by devising targeted branding and marketing plans - these help us reach out to the most qualified candidates and persuade them to join your company. We create a dedicated MBKHire website for each project, and give candidates access to them with a code. Once on the website, they learn about potential employers in depth, including benefits, stock options, product information, pipeline products, advancement potential, job descriptions and other information that might be valuable in attracting top candidates. Every part of the hiring process is designed to reflect your company’s identity and status.
Vendor Management for Advertising Selection and Placement.
  As part of our service, we build strategies to recruit candidates directly from other companies, from our very extensive database, networking, job fairs and other programs. We also determine which avenues will yield you a return of the most qualified candidates in the market.
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